The Housing Alliance has been a strong working partnership between Homes Out West, Housing Plus, North Coast Community Housing and Homes North. For the past five years we have advocated for regional communities; we have demonstrated the potential of an alternative structure that can reap the benefits of scale through such activities as group research, development and procurement, without the need to merge entities.


To keep pace with Government procurement practices the Housing Alliance needs to create a more formal structure. Homes Out West Board has decided this is not an appropriate move for their organisation at this time as they plan to focus resources on specific local strategies. Formally the Housing Alliance members are now Housing Plus, North Coast Community Housing and Homes North. However, Homes Out West will remain an important Housing Alliance partner in advocating for issues facing regional and rural NSW.


Amongst many initiatives on the boil The Housing Alliance is continuing to work on the development of an Australian Social Values Bank that will provide a library of financial proxies for well-being indicators which can be used for service planning and evaluation. We will be keeping you posted on progress, and when this will be available to the sector through our partnership with the NSW Federation Of Housing Associations.