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Demonstrating the real value of social responsibility

Every day Australian companies and business give back to our community.

Every day social organisations and not-for-profit companies are helping our communities to improve their lives.

The Australian Social Value Bank will help you put a well researched economic value on the services and programs you deliver and the individuals you help.


Making organisations stronger

The Housing Alliance and the NSW Federation of Housing Associations are working together to bring to Australia our own version of the UK Social Value Bank.

We are working with internationally renowned economist Daniel Fujiwara, from SIMETRICA in the UK, to create a bank of methodologically consistent and robust social impact values for Australia.

The “bank” will provide access to financial proxies for a  wide range of well-being values that can be used to:

  • conduct a basic assessment of the economic impact of socially directed initiatives
  • provide evidence of value for money for Board reports or Government grant applications
  • compare the impact and return on investment of different programs and optimise the value for money in program design

Values can be used within a full Social Return on Investment assessment or as a basis for cost benefit analysis.

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